Walmart’s COVID-19 Policies Under Scrutiny —

Walmart’s COVID-19 return policy is under scrutiny as consumers seek in-person returns and exchanges:

“The recent blowback on Walmart returns is not the first flap around return policies during the novel coronavirus pandemic. In mid-March, when the first wave of the pandemic led to rampant hoarding of staple goods, Costco specifically banned the return of the six most frequently hoarded items.”

P.S. Everybody is working to adapt to a new reality. Flexibility and responsiveness will go a long way in keeping necessary goods on the shelves while protecting communities. A nimble, adaptable supply chain is a key component of keeping the economy going right now. 8th & Walton experts stand ready to assist your supplier business at this time. We also offer web-based classes that can get you, and your staff, up to speed.