How Walmart Disrupted Amazon —


Walmart has disrupted Amazon’s winning streak by being able to get goods to consumers when Amazon’s online supply chain showed signs of strain:

“Amazon is still the big gorilla online, and sales have surged amid the pandemic. But Amazon’s shipping delays and out-of-stock items meant online shoppers turned to retailers including Walmart and Target, whose networks of brick-and-mortar shops suddenly became an advantage for picking up and shipping e-commerce purchases quickly. Within Amazon’s warehouses, coronavirus safety measures have resulted in workers picking items from shelves and loading them into trucks more slowly — and with no end to the virus in sight, it is difficult to forecast a return to full, precrisis efficiency.”

P.S. Disasters and disruptions happen. The retail winner will be the organization that can adapt quickly and efficiently. Walmart and Sam’s Club have stood out from the pack during this unprecedented time.  8th & Walton experts stand ready to assist your supplier business at this time. We also offer web-based classes that can get you, and your staff, up to speed.