Food & beverage trends shift in 2021 —

Photo by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash

Consumers have changed their eating habits significantly as a result of the pandemic: They are snacking more, are concerned about costs, and are looking for functional foods that can improve immunity:

“The health revolution has exploded because of COVID-19, with the top findings for 2021 revealing a focus on foods that support immunity, are affordable and provide comfort, as well as a major shift in snacking habits. Based on the survey, here are the top six nutrition trends that will affect food and beverage manufacturers and marketers in the coming year and potentially beyond.”

P.S. Food and beverage suppliers should take note of these changes. People want to consume foods that are good for them, but that are also comforting and reasonably priced. Quite a balancing act for your business! Are you interested in selling more through Walmart this year? Get in touch with us at 8th & Walton today and schedule a consultation.