Fewer Walmart Stores Allow Overnight RV Parking — CNN.com

Photo by Rebecca Harris on Unsplash

Fewer Walmarts are allowing overnight RV parking in their lots:

“But parking at Walmart (WMT) is getting harder to find. In 2010, about 78% of Walmart stores allowed overnight RV parking. Now, it’s close to 58%, according to Jim O’Briant, who runs OvernightRVParking.com, a website that tracks more than 14,000 free RV parking locations in the United States and Canada.”

P.S. Walmart is an ever-evolving company: Keep in mind that over 50% of Walmart stores till allow RV parking overnight. If you have products that might appeal to RV users, it’s a good idea to get those products on Walmart’s shelves. 8th & Walton’s experts can help. Book a consultation today.