Item Setup

With item setup, the devil is in the details — and there are a lot of details.

If you aren’t prepared for all the details needed to create an item correctly in Walmart’s system, let our advisors save you time, corrections, and frustration.

Getting item setup correct from the get-go is critical. Let our experts review your information in detail before you submit it so that everything Walmart needs is complete and accurate from the onset. Or — if creating an item is something you have never done or do infrequently (causing you to forget steps), let us create items for you. Then you’ll be free to work on the rest of your business.

Here are just some of the ways we recently helped suppliers with item setup:

     Resolved issues around eaches and assortments/shippers

     Taught new supplier how to accurately set up items in Data Sync

     Topped off new items for client

     Determined root-cause of repeated item rejection; corrected dimensions of products, missing tax code, and missing images

     Reviewed client’s work on item setup prior to submission; made improvements and corrections

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