Direct Imports

If you’re new to direct imports . . . If you’re stranded by unexpected personnel turnover . . . If you’re baffled by QMS . . . Whatever your challenge, our direct import advisors have met it, mastered it, and are poised to help you.

The direct import process is a complex one. Evolving global security increases the complexity week by week. Supplier mistakes are very costly.

Our advisors have extensive experience with direct imports and stay current as requirements change, always working to help suppliers avoid errors and speed up the process. We can teach you how to work with direct imports or do it for you. But turning to our direct import advisors will save you time, money and frustration.

Here are just some of the ways we have recently helped suppliers with direct imports:

     Successfully completed initial Item Quotes and Setup for a client — with no mistakes and no information missing

     Trained supplier team so they understood the direct import process

     Worked through issues of responsible sourcing, facility audits, and food safety for client

     Managed all direct import work until client hired for that position

     Completed required reports for client while he focused on improving his product

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