Forecasting and Replenishment with Retail Link® Data

 August 26, 2020 | Live Online Webinar - CST  

$650 USD

Class Description

This class is currently available only as a webinar. 8th & Walton webinars are live, Zoom meetings with a maximum of 10 participants.

Improve your ability to forecast accurately and keep your products on the Walmart shelf

It sounds simple: Get the right number of items into Walmart when they’re needed, and don’t run out. But it’s become a complicated game, and the rules keep changing. In this class, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of replenishment and forecasting as well as practical ways to identify and eliminate problems.

Accurate forecasts are essential to producing purchase orders that support both in-stock and merchandise flow. Replenishment is critical to profitability. Learn how to create orders, how modular changes are planned, and how safety stock is used in GRS. You’ll leave class understanding the roles and responsibilities of Walmart replenishment team members and the prescribed paths for communication with them.

This class is for Walmart suppliers selling in Walmart U.S. stores. 

 Suppliers selling in Canada, please check our Canadian classes.

You Will Learn...

  • GRS basics and key concepts
  • Causes of out of stocks and their corrections
  • Challenges to demand forecasting and solutions
  • Why some DCs get more product than others
  • Best practices in demand forecasting
  • When a trend presents an opportunity
  • How to see when forecast adjustments at the corporate and DC levels need to be made
  • How to use the Supplier View Instock Tool (SVIST)
  • How to get more out of Future Valid Item Store queries
  • How and when to communicate with Walmart
  • How Demand, Calendar Allocation, and Forecast work together
  • Sources of safety stock and how to provide recommendations
  • How lead time determines dates on POs
  • Best practices for end of life
  • How to complete Supplier Closing template
  • Truckload optimization
  • How to create and retrieve PO reports
  • How to create the Walmart Fill Rate and MABD Reports
  • How to complete the Out-of-Stock Root Cause Dashboard
  • Roles, responsibilities, and collaboration of the replenishment restructure

Why take this class?

Accuracy and profitability. Since Walmart now makes more data accessible to suppliers, it has higher expectations for accurate forecasting. From POs to replenishment, getting it correct is imperative. Accurate forecasting and successful replenishment are directly correlated with your profitability.

Meet your teacher, Lori Carter.

Save 10% when purchasing 3 or more packaged classes.

  • Item File Setup
  • Retail Link® 4: Analytics & Storytelling
  • Accounting, Invoicing & Deductions
  • GRS 101: Demand Forecasting
  • GRS 201: Fulfillment
  • OT & IF and Load Quality
  • Retail Link® 1 - Basics
  • Retail Link® 2: Decision Support
  • Retail Link® 3: Advanced Decision Support (DSS)
  • How to Navigate Walmart’s Supply Chain
  • Forecasting and Replenishment with Retail Link® Data
  • Retail Link® 4: Analytics & Storytelling
  • E-Commerce: Basics


  • Register using your supplier email address
  • Have authorized access to Retail Link®
  • Have your Retail Link® ID and password on hand
  • You will need a laptop with wireless capabilities and Excel
  • Webinar students: Webinars are priced per student; only one student per registration. You will need a web camera in your computer. Dual monitors (one for the webinar, one for reports) are recommended.

In order to produce valid reports, your company should be shipping to Walmart prior to taking this class. Since our classes do not use dummy data, if you are not shipping to Walmart, you will have no data with which to produce reports.

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