Retail Link® 4: Analytics & Storytelling

 December 17, 2019 | Live Online Webinar - CST  

$650 USD

Class Description

This course is designed for the person who needs to spend time making decisions instead of just running reports. Make better use of data and create reports that improve your sales and enhance your personal portfolio.

Who should attend:

Anyone wanting to learn retail analytics

Anyone wanting knowledge of the story behind the numbers

Anyone needing to use data sets to produce amazing reporting results.

This class is for Walmart suppliers selling in Walmart U.S. stores. 

Suppliers selling in Canada, please check our Canadian classes.

Sam’s Club and suppliers, please contact us.

You Will Learn...

  • Tell a story using your data
  • Increase your capacity to gain insights
  • Determine the Excel tools most important to your business
  • Begin to truly mine your data
  • Use retail math
  • Manage your inventory better

This is an all-day class. From 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM CST

Cost: $650



  • Please register for class using your supplier email address.
  • Basic knowledge of Retail Link® is needed to get the most out of this class.
  • We strongly advise that you have a Retail Link® ID and password. Class will work extensively in Retail Link®.
  • In order to be able to produce valid reports, your company should be shipping to Walmart prior to taking this class.
  • You need a laptop with wireless capabilities and Excel.
  • If you are registered for an online webinar: You will need a webcam - Dual monitors are recommended to follow along and participate in the exercises.
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