Class Description

Master Retail Link® in three days

Immerse yourself in Retail Link®, Walmart’s Internet-based tool of sales data. Invest three days learning Retail Link@ and harvest the benefits from that knowledge immediately. If you’re new to Walmart or new to a position requiring you manage product sales, this training suite gets you where you need to be quickly and thoroughly. 

 This class is for Walmart suppliers selling in Walmart U.S. stores. 

 Suppliers selling in Canada, please check our Canadian classes.

You Will Learn...

Day 1: Retail Link® 1: Basics

    • How to Navigate the New Retail Link® Home Page
    • Ways to customize your dashboard
    • The most important docs in Retail Link®
    • The 15 most valuable apps in Retail Link®
    • How to Build Out Your Business at a Glance
    • Introduction to the Decision Support Home Page
    • The Elements of Building a Query
    • How to Create and Retrieve A Quick Item Information Report
    • And more...

Retail Link® 2: Decision Support

      • How to work with time frames on queries
      • How to compare Forecast and POS side-by-side
      • Meaning of All Links Rollup and All Links Detail
      • How to create and retrieve valuable reports

Day 3: Retail Link® 3: Customize for Your Business

  • What to do, when to do it, and how often to do it
  • The most important reports to maintainn
  • New recipes and robust recipes to consider
  • Five steps to keep you on top of your business
  • And more...

Why take this class?

Time and money. You’ll save on both with this training suite. You’ll be up and running on all cylinders in just three days, and you’ll avoid expensive (and embarrassing) errors due to lack of knowledge and common beginner mistakes.


The Retail Link® Suite is a 3-day class, running from 9 AM to 4:30 PM CST.

Cost $1,755


Meet your teacher, Lisa Watson


  • Register using your supplier email address
  • Have authorized access to Retail Link®
  • Have your Retail Link® ID and password on hand
  • You will need a laptop with wireless capabilities and Excel
  • Webinar students: Webinars are priced per student; only one student per registration. You will need a web camera in your computer. Dual monitors (one for the webinar, one for reports) are recommended.

In order to produce valid reports, your company should be shipping to Walmart prior to taking this class. Since our classes do not use dummy data, if you are not shipping to Walmart, you will have no data with which to produce reports.

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