Replenishment Training Suite - Canada

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Class Description

At the conclusion of four information-packed days, you will walk away knowing how to drive success for your business in all the replenishment areas. You will also have an in-depth understanding of the replenishment, planner, and analyst roles on a supplier team.

Long-standing Canadian experts teach these classes.

Who should attend:

  • Replenishment Analysts and Managers
  • Forecasting Managers
  • Demand Planners & Allocation Managers
  • Team Leads and Sales Account Managers
  • Customer Service Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers/Logistics Managers
  • Accounting Managers

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You Will Learn...

Day One: Replenishment 101

  • How does the Walmart Forecast work?
  • How to manage in-stocks
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Supplier View In Stock Tool
  • Detailed Replenishment Analysis Report (Inforem only)
  • And more...

Day Two: Replenishment 201

  • GRS pyramid
  • SWAS
  • CPFR review
  • PNEW
  • And More...

Day Three: GRS

  • Demand forecast
  • History retention
  • Promotional activity
  • Safety stock
  • And More...

Day Four: Planning & Forecasting

  • Assortment Review using Scorecard Metrics
  • Make item level recommendations to improve your scorecard
  • Forecasting Promotions & Events
  • Performance Measurements
  • Planning for new items
  • And More...


  • Please register for class using your supplier email address.
  • You need authorized access to Retail Link® (ID and password).
  • In order to be able to produce valid reports, your company should be shipping to Walmart prior to taking this class.
  • You need a laptop with wireless capabilities and Excel.
  • If you are registered for an online webinar: You need a webcam in your computer. - Please log in 15 minutes before start of class. - Dual monitors are recommended to follow along and participate in the exercises.

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