Your Marketing Is Good, But Is It Relevant?

We’re weeks away from the busiest shopping season of the year. It’s the time when marketers get to show off some of their best work to promote brands, services, and new products for the holidays. That “best work” hits consumers from every marketing angle to grab their attention:

  • Radio/TV commercials
  • Digital ads, banners, influencers, and pop-up messaging
  • In-store signage, displays, and announcements
  • Direct mail pieces, brochures, and circulars

Ask any marketer using one of the above platforms about the effectiveness of his project. Most will agree success comes down to one question: “Is this message relevant to our target audience?” The relevance of your message to the consumer can make or break the eventual sale. One marketing tactic is missing from the list, and it’s one that has taken relevance to a new level: at-work marketing. It’s a technique WorkPlace Impact has perfected and continues to grow the supplier’s marketing relevance.

The Relevance of At-Work Marketing

marketingWhat makes marketing relevant? Simply put, it’s whether or not your message is being seen by the target consumer, at the appropriate time, in the right place. Your target consumer at their workplace is a ripe candidate for appealing messaging.

One example is food. WorkPlace Impact has discovered in its research that about 94% of consumers will dine out during their workday. Of these, over 50% won’t make the decision of where to eat until they walk out the door. Strategic distribution of restaurant specials and coupons becomes relevant to this audience. By marketing to this consumer in the morning, redemption rate of the coupon increases for the business.

Facing the Reality of Holiday Shopping

Shopping picks up speed during the holidays, but where? Analysts studying the shopping habits of US workers show two trends growing:

  • Workers shop online at their desks (whether on laptop or phone)
  • Workers use their lunchtime to shop or run errands

marketingIs the working culture really turning more this way? WorkPlace Impact research shows 93%  of workers do some form of shopping each day. Whether for gifts, groceries, or medication, the consumer at work is making multiple purchasing decisions. Your marketing becomes quickly relevant as they decide where to spend their money. So, a simple coupon, message, or sample at their desks can influence their decision.

Getting Your Message to the Consumer

Consumers make their shopping decisions at work each day. From where to eat lunch to what gifts to purchase online, your message can be easily heard and remembered by this captive audience. Learn how businesses are making their marketing relevant to consumers at work by visiting WorkPlace Impact .