What Is 8th & Walton?

What is 8th and Walton?
Jeff Clapper, President and CEO 8th & Walton

If you’re a Walmart supplier, or if you’re considering working with Walmart, you may have heard of 8th & Walton. Whether you’ve seen us on social media or downloaded our free planning calendar, you know we’re a familiar name in the supplier community. For well over a decade, 8th & Walton has helped Walmart suppliers grow their business. Our experts have coached suppliers through analytics, OTIF, deductions, omnichannel, and now SQEP!

As we begin a new year, we wanted to kick things off with a new podcast and an answer to the question: “What is 8th & Walton and how exactly to they support Walmart suppliers?” Jeff Clapper, President and CEO of 8th & Walton, joins the podcast to answer that question and discuss how suppliers should plan for 2021. To hear our full interview with Jeff, click the play button above!

3 Areas of 8th & Walton’s Business

We started our conversation by asking Jeff how he defines 8th & Walton. “Aside from being the intersection in Bentonville where Walmart had its home office for many years,” he explains, “it’s our company. We work to educate suppliers on how to be great business partners with Walmart. We do that by teaching, providing custom help for specific problems they may be facing, and we also provide a full suite of services.”

Jeff went on to explain 8th & Walton is made up of former Walmart leaders and suppliers. We bring over 300 years of combined experience to Walmart suppliers each week to help them grow sales and cut expenses. The three ways we support suppliers are:

1. Walmart Supplier Education Classes

Our experts teach online classes for Walmart’s Retail Link®, supply chain, accounting, e-commerce, item management, and more.

2. Custom Help

Custom help is training designed specially to your business need. It may be one-on-one support with a Walmart expert, help with a project, or training for your team.

3. Full Service Support

Our team does ALL THE WORK for you! We run your Monday reports, set up your new items, improve your OTIF scorecard, work through accounting, maintain your online item pages, and much more.

Advice for Walmart Suppliers in 2021

8th & Walton has helped thousands of suppliers for over a decade become better partners with Walmart. After an unprecedented 2020, we asked Jeff what suppliers needed to focus on immediately as they plan to grow in 2021.

“The most obvious is Walmart’s really aggressive move toward omnichannel supply and commerce,” he begins. “For many years, suppliers big and small looked at it like ‘Hey, I’m selling a product that people just aren’t going to buy online.’ That couldn’t be further from the truth today.” Jeff observes the giant shift in the business coming through the pandemic and Walmart’s tremendous growth in online grocery pickup. “It’s so important to have your content represented well. Focus on being an aggressive omnichannel supplier.”

What is 8th and WaltonJeff continued by stressing the importance of a long-standing Walmart focus: supply chain. “Walmart has stated that if your product is not in their fulfillment centers or distribution centers, they can’t get it on the shelves. They can’t help you,” he says. “Supply chain is a key driver, and Walmart is rolling out additional initiatives to help the excellence of the supply chain and the quality of the product flowing through the store.

“Several years ago,” Jeff continues, “suppliers took on On Time In Full (OTIF) and Walmart has seen the effectiveness of that program. A few months ago, they announced new expectations around ASNs (Advance Ship Notices) and SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Program). These initiatives are all around supply chain excellence. Just as we saw with OTIF, there are new reporting capabilities and metrics that Walmart buyers will expect suppliers to deliver.”

8th & Walton Is Ready to Help

With each new initiative, update, and program rollout, your team at 8th & Walton updates class content and support. If you’d like to learn more and have one of our Walmart experts contact you this week, fill out this quick form. We look forward to supporting your business!