What Is 8th & Walton? Part 1: Walmart Supplier Training

8th & Walton supports Walmart suppliers three ways:

  • Walmart supplier training classes
  • Custom advisory and one-on-one training
  • Full service support

As part of our “What Is 8th & Walton” introductory series, we’re kicking off with a look at our first offering to suppliers: Walmart supplier training classes.

On our latest Retail Supplier podcast (click the play button above to listen), we visited with three members of the 8th & Walton supplier education team: Marie Clapper, Director of Walmart Supplier Education, Adela Rojas, Operations Manager, and Heather Reid, Director of Canada’s Retail Link® Insights. In our conversation, we discussed the kinds of classes available, what suppliers can expect, and how to meet your instructor before signing up!

What classes are available to Walmart Suppliers?

Whether you’re new to working with Walmart, new to your role with a supplier, or just need brushing up on your skills, 8th & Walton has classes for each case. We started our discussion by asking Marie about the kinds of classes available to suppliers.

Marie Clapper, Director of Supplier Education
Marie Clapper, Director of Supplier Education

“For Walmart suppliers in the US and Canada,” Marie begins, “we have a series of classes on Retail Link®. We also have a suite of classes on Supply Chain: everything from replenishment to OTIF (On Time In Full) to SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Program) and more.

“Most recently, we’ve launched new classes on Walmart’s Item 360,” she continues. “That’s a really good example of how we’re aware of what suppliers need and update our classes and content right away.”

On the subject of supplier needs, content can be very different between the US and Canada. Heather explains, “We also offer Retail Link® and supply chain classes here in Canada. However, they are different than in the US. Each is customized to Walmart Canada suppliers.”

What is the class environment like?

Before signing up for a class, many suppliers like to understand who will be teaching, how a class is structured, and if live online learning will work for them. Marie explains that not only do the 8th & Walton facilitators bring Walmart experience to each class, but also prioritize the comfort of the student.

“Our instructors have a wealth of experience,” she begins. “Many have worked for Walmart or Walmart suppliers, so their knowledge is deep and broad. We want to make sure the suppliers in our classes are getting excellent attention. For that reason, we like to keep our online classes small. This won’t be a class that’s attended by dozens of people. There will be, at the most, 10 students in our online class.”

Even with a Walmart expert teaching a small group, some suppliers may be nervous about taking a class online from their home. Heather reassures suppliers they can easily “try before they buy.”

Heather Reid, Director of Canada's Retail Link Insights
Heather Reid, Director of Canada’s Retail Link® Insights

“We understand some suppliers may be thinking ‘Will my connection be okay? Is my home too noisy? Will I be able to hear?’ Everyone has those kinds of concerns right now,” she explains. “We really want to make the supplier feel at ease.

“If a supplier is concerned about taking a class with us, we can set up a quick meeting,” Heather continues. “We’ll actually do a test-run with you. We’ll check your connection, audio, webcam, and let you meet the instructor prior to class. It only takes a few minutes and we can schedule it at a time that works for you.”

Setting up a short test-run is easy. In fact, if you’re reading this blog, you’re half-way there!

“To set up a quick test-run, suppliers just need to visit 8thandwalton.com,” Adela explains. “We have a chat box on all of our class pages. Simply start a chat to let us know you want to meet an instructor or test your connection. We’ll make it happen!”

Note: there is no charge to set up a test-run and no obligation to purchase a class afterward.

Hoes does the 10% class discount work?

Investing in training is investing in your team’s strength. The more training the better! As Adela explains, that’s why 8th & Walton gives suppliers a 10% discount when they purchase any three classes.

Adela Rojas, Operations Manager
Adela Rojas, Operations Manager

“When a supplier purchases three individual classes, they receive a 10% discount. I say ‘individual classes’ because our 3-class suites for Retail Link®, Supply Chain, and Item 360 already have the discount applied to the price.”

What’s important to note is the 10% discount applies to three people taking three different classes, three people taking the same class, one person taking three classes, or any way you need to use the three-class discount.

Ready to check out our newest classes and meet your instructor? Click here to go over the updated roster and start a chat if you have any questions.