Walmart Announces Summer Reboot: OTIF!

It wasn’t going to stay gone forever, and now they’ve brought it back! Walmart’s On Time and In Full initiative was on pause as the events of 2020 disrupted supply chain. In a recent communication, the company informed suppliers that OTIF has been rebooted.

Terry Clear, Director of Replenishment & Sales Insights for 8th & Walton, joins us on the show this week. Terry works with Walmart suppliers each week on OTIF issues by examining each link in their supply chain. He’s been following the impact of pausing and re-starting OTIF on suppliers and shares his insights and solutions on the podcast.

If you have a question for Terry about your OTIF issues, click here to send him a note.

In our discussion with Terry, we ask:

  • When Walmart waived OTIF fines this year, what impact did that have on suppliers?
  • What was the message in Walmart’s recent communication regarding OTIF?
  • What’s the first thing suppliers should consider when trying to get OTIF penalties under control?
  • What are the simple things Walmart suppliers should work on to eliminate OTIF fines?
  • How does the team at 8th & Walmart assist in eliminating OTIF fines?

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