Walmart Announces 6th Annual Open Call for Suppliers

(Editor’s note: If you land a meeting with Walmart at the up-coming open call, we’ll help you prep for the meeting! To speak with one of our experts, call us at 479-715-6700 or click here.)

Walmart 2019 Open Call Made in the USAReady to pitch your products to the Walmart buying team? Now’s your opportunity to sign up for a chance to get your items on the shelves of the world’s largest retailer!

Walmart recently announced it is taking applications for its 6th Annual Open Call. This is a chance for suppliers with products made, sourced, or grown in the United States to get in front of Walmart merchants. Sign up by clicking here (applications are being taken now through April 30, 2019).

Purpose Behind the Program

Walmart began hosting open calls for new suppliers to affirm its commitment of supporting American products. When the company gets behind items manufactured here in the U.S., it boosts the economy and the job market.

The Annual Open Call remains open for suppliers large and small. Each applicant can win the opportunity to take their business to the next level and expand their customer base.

Walmart Open Call Success Stories

Walmart Open Call for Suppliers helped Buiced SuccessIn its history, the Walmart Open Call has built great relationships with U.S entrepreneurs. In 2017, we spoke with Ray Dousdtar, Founder and CEO of Buiced. Ray was presenting Buiced to the Walmart buying team and ended up winning a contract. Part of his success was in filling a gap in Walmart’s existing assortment: the need for liquid vitamins.

Whether an established brand selling in other retailers or a supplier dealing with just online sales, Walmart welcomes a variety of suppliers to each year’s event. The items and experience vary greatly to meet new demands of Walmart’s shoppers.

Walmart Open Call for Suppliers found a new partnership with Redhead Brand WineMarisa Sergi also found a new partnership with Walmart in 2017. As Founder and CEO of Redhead Brands, her line of wine and unique marketing tactics made a splash with the merchants! Marisa is an outstanding example of how a young entrepreneur can land the Walmart account with passion and determination. 

Your great item could be next to win a partnership with Walmart! Whether filling a gap, expanding an assortment, or venturing into Walmart’s private label business, there are many ways to begin your relationship at the Open Call.

Next Steps to Get on Walmart Shelves

Want to be part of the up-coming Open Call but feel a little nervous or unprepared? No problem! We can help.

It’s rewarding and scary to finally land the Walmart account, but 8th & Walton’s team of experts can prepare you for that face-to-face meeting with the buying team. Here’s all you have to do:

Why Call 8th & Walton for Meeting Prep?

The advisors at 8th & Walton are former Walmart merchants and suppliers. We have been in many of these meetings and understand what you will be asked, what expectations will be set, and what the buying team will need after a contract is extended.

Don’t go in and get surprised! Find out more about our services before and after you win the Walmart account. Best of luck!