Jarratt Industries Does It Again

Jarratt Industries, makers of the Taco Plate, had another win at this month’s Made in the USA Open Call.

Walmart’s Made in the USA event is becoming an annual tradition as Walmart works to keep their promise of increasing American-made products in Walmart stores by $250 billion. Walmart has also supported suppliers in many ways, from matchmaking suppliers with American factories to providing commitments that allow suppliers to invest in their own factories.

Hugh Jarratt came out of last year’s Open Call with an order for one million Taco Plates — plastic plates with built-in taco holders — and wanted to give Walmart first crack at his newest product.

“Wal-Mart is the first to see this,” Jarratt told the Democrat-Gazette. “They’ve been very, very good to us”

Wader socks, socks designed to be used with waders, are not a new concept. Both sporting goods companies and hosiery companies make them, usually from either Neoprene or wool. And many of them are made in the USA. But Jarratt’s waders have a special section designed to cover pant cuffs. Even if water sloshes into your waders, you’ll have an extra layer of protection.

Once again, Jarrett Industries is showing the kind of innovation Walmart wants to see.