A Game-Changer for Brands: Rich Product Content That Drives Conversions

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Suppliers striving to maintain product brand integrity should get to know the Webcollage platform. Its simplicity in uploading product stories, images, videos, and other elements makes it easy to establish a consistent brand across all retail websites.

What’s interesting about Webcollage as a company is how it evolved to meet the changing needs of its clients as online businesses flourished. Chris Bosworth is Vice President of Professional Services for Webcollage and traces the company’s history back to the point of change.

“Webcollage began as a software that allowed brands to tag assets on their own website and syndicate those assets out into the channel,” Bosworth explains of the original vision. “It quickly became evident that each manufacturer needed to invest in its own infrastructure to support the software, so Webcollage switched from a software company to an SaaS (Software as a Service) company, expanding the reach of brands and retailers that would be able to take advantage of the service. Now Webcollage enables the delivery of manufacturers’ content to an unprecedented number of online shoppers.”

Bosworth goes on to talk about the importance of branding and how Webcollage helps with brand integrity — no matter where the consumer finds a product online: “Most manufacturers have invested heavily in building their own brands and product stories. The primary vehicle for that story is the brand’s own website. However, as shoppers increasingly research products in multiple places, most notably retailer websites, they don’t have direct access to the story from the manufacturer. Webcollage solves this content gap by allowing the manufacturer to tell its detailed product story anywhere shoppers are looking for information.”

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With this strong focus on maintaining a consistent message, the obvious question has come up more than once: Just how important is brand integrity?

As with anything in retail, the proof is in the numbers. Regarding the impact of consistent brand messaging, Bosworth explains, “Webcollage has done extensive testing on the content it syndicates in the channel. In every instance, the enhanced content from the manufacturer positively impacts sales  —  in most cases by 12-36%. In addition, the Webcollage service has been measured to positively increase customer satisfaction and reduce item return rates.”

To learn more about their services, visit www.webcollage.com.