Mobile Solutions Boost Visibility and Results

Molly Glover Gallatin, VP of Marketing, Gigwalk

swashYour company has invested huge amounts of time and money in new product introductions and marketing and promotional programs. But you don’t have a clear view into what’s happening at the store level. As a result, you find out about problems like out-of-stocks, missing shelf tags and poor display execution too late to fix them. Sound familiar?

You’re not alone. One study found that lost sales due to out-of-stock items costs manufacturers an average of $23 million for every $1 billion in sales; another revealed that up to half of all promotions are paid for but not executed at the retail level. Collectively, problems like these end up costing manufacturers billions of dollars each year.

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Mobile solutions boost visibility and results

Poor retail compliance may be commonplace, but it doesn’t have to be. Today’s consumer goods companies can use the latest innovations in mobile enterprise solutions to  dramatically improve their retail performance through better visibility into store-level operations.

Real-time data collection is a critical first step to fixing problems. Gigwalks mobile enterprise solution offers just that, enabling companies to mobilize their field teams to collect and report on in-store conditions. The real-time data collected, including photos, is GPS and time-verified. This means that with just a few quick taps to a smartphone, managers can get instant visibility into their brands and what’s happening at every store and on every shelf, verifying product displays and merchandise out-of-stocks. Issues can be resolved quickly, maximizing sales.

Gigwalk’s solution has helped scores of consumer brand companies gather actionable data and improve their daily operations. Home appliance leader Whirlpool, for example, shifted from recording store display information via pen and paper to Gigwalk’s mobile platform, streamlining its data collection process. Using Gigwalk, Whirlpool’s field representative were able to collect real-time data about in-store product displays and promotional campaigns, then quickly send that data to Whirlpool’s management team. The result? Decision-making that is empowered by up-to-the-minute data and that fuels faster time to resolution.

Mobile offerings like Gigwalk are making it simple to get on-the-ground insights anywhere, anytime. Don’t let your company’s investment of time, money, and work go to waste with sloppy retail execution. It’s easier than ever to take action.