COVID-19 Impact on Walmart Private Label


As COVID-19 and coronavirus continue to dominate headlines, Walmart suppliers have been hit with two challenges:

  • Adjusting to demands during the pandemic
  • Preparing for the “new normal” after the pandemic

During times of crisis, whether national or regional, private label products play a unique role. Your consumer will gravitate to a private brand (or store brand) when their national brand is sold out or at a time when they need to save money. As a Walmart supplier, how can you propose a private brand offering to your buyer?

Steven Bertram, 8th & Walton’s Vice President of Supplier Solutions, joins us on the podcast this week. Steven has worked with Walmart suppliers on private label offerings for many years and has been watching the current trends since the pandemic began. To have Steven contact you this week about your company working with Walmart, click here.

In our conversation, Steven explains:

  • Walmart’s evolution from a simple “private label” to a “private brand” mentality
  • How shortages and demand have positively impacted the private brand online presence
  • The marketing thought process of making a store brand item look more like the national brand
  • How to determine if approaching your Walmart buyer with a private brand proposal is appropriate and what steps to take
  • What the team at 8th & Walton can offer to make your private brand proposal a success at your next Walmart meeting

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