8th & Walton Supports Walmart Canada Suppliers!


Are you a supplier currently supporting Walmart Canada? Or are you a Walmart US supplier wanting to expand to Walmart Canada? This podcast is for YOU!

Our guest this week is Heather Reid, Director for 8th & Walton’s Canada office. After listening to this week’s show, you’ll want to contact her. Here’s how to touch base with her this week:

Heather worked for Walmart Canada for over 20 years developing and training in systems and processes. Today she trains and advises Walmart suppliers in Retail Link®, Accounting, Supply Chain, and many more areas.

In our conversation with Heather, we ask:

  • How is the current global pandemic impacting Canada suppliers?
  • With advisory, what’s the biggest issue on suppliers’ minds?
  • How do you help Walmart US suppliers expand to Canada?
  • What advice do you have for suppliers in our current environment?
  • For suppliers who have never trained or communicated via live webinar, how do you set them up for success?

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