About Us

Who We Are:


8th & Walton has helped hundreds of CPG companies in their efforts to be better supplier partners to the world's most influential retailer. We empower our clients through classroom education and advisory services, as well as a full suite of rich media resources.


What We Do:

Retail Link Training

We deliver premium classes taught by expert facilitators on topics that will deliver both immediate and long-term results for a supplier's business with Walmart and Sam's Club. To accommodate different learning styles and business needs, we offer classroom style training, on-site custom training, and live, online webinars.

Classes are taught all over the United States, as well as internationally. 8th & Walton also offers country-specific training for suppliers operating in Canada and Latin America.

With over 200 years of combined Walmart and Walmart supplier experience, our best-in-class experts have made 8th & Walton the gold standard for supplier education.

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Walmart Supplier Help

Our experts provide solutions-based advisory services for suppliers to address specific challenges. Common areas of focus include Item File Setup and Maintenance, Joint Business Planning, Business Line Review, Supplier Performance Scorecard, and deep-dive reporting.

Our team also includes highly specialized experts in key areas like accounting, compliance, packaging, food safety.

Experts will evaluate your business for potential challenges and opportunities, and provide a step-by-step action plan to resolve any issues.

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News & Resources

8th & Walton Media evolved as a way to help suppliers become better partners with Walmart — beyond the classroom. We offer several platforms to connect suppliers with the most relevant and important information:


Focus on Suppliers is hosted by Emmy award-winning journalist, Neile Jones, and is the only TV show designed specifically for Walmart Suppliers.


WalmartNewsNow.com is a 24/7 news website for Walmart suppliers, curating the most relevant content from multiple news sources. Top 8 Headlines is a daily and weekly newsletter that delivers the top retail stories to suppliers from all over the globe.

Retail Details is a robust blog that dives deeper into the current issues facing retailers and suppliers.

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